Trademark Services

Trademark Search & Registration

Our trademark search & registration packages are designed to give you the best chance of reach your goal, a federal trademark registration. More details

Trademark Monitoring

Our trademark monitoring service assists trademark owners in fulfilling their duty to monitor or “police” their trademark against the use of potentially infringing trademarks by others. More details

Trademark Office Actions

During the examination of your trademark application, you may receive a letter from the USPTO stating that your trademark should not be registered. Not to worry, we have years of experience in overcoming trademark office action letters and will respond on your behalf. More Details

Trademark Renewal

You must renew your trademark registration periodically and we will make sure that you don’t lose your trademark rights. More details

Trademark Oppositions

As a trademark owner, you have the right to oppose the allowance of conflicting trademarks. More Details

Trademark Enforcement & Litigation

Did you receive a cease and desist letter asserting that you are infringing upon someone else’s trademark rights? Is someone else using your trademark without your authorization? We are here to advocate for you and defend your trademark rights. More Details

Domain Name Disputes (UDRP)

We are here to help your protect your business from cybersquatters and defend your valuable domain name portfolio. More Details