Trademark Office Actions

Once your trademark application is filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) it goes through a review process which on occasion results in a trademark Office Action.  The USPTO states that if the examining attorney decides that a trademark should not be registered, the examining attorney will issue an Office action letter explaining all procedural and substantive reasons for refusal. If the examining attorney sends an Office action, the applicant’s response to the Office action must be received in the Office within six (6) months of the mailing date of the Office action, or the application will be declared abandoned.

We can help you with your Office Action. Some Office Actions represent substantive rejections, while others are merely procedural. Upon reviewing your Office Action letter we will be able to advise you and prepare a response at a reasonable flat rate.

Contact us today to speak with trademark attorney Liel Hollander concerning your office action letter.

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